Anna-Maria Sieklucka. INTERVIEW

I was thrown into the deep end, and in retrospect, I really have the courage to say - "It was hard, but I made it."

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and there are no accidents. Provided we learn our lessons from these events. I am still learning, I carefully look at each experience to see, what it was for, what it gave me, whether anything changed in me, what emotions it brought then or still brings. And I am grateful for every lesson, especially the hard one. Difficult experiences build us up, make us stop and reflect on ourselves. We go through life without any difficulties, a little thoughtlessly. I am fascinated by life, like a child. And feeding this inner child of mine, this little Amy, gives me extraordinary strength. And these are also my two natures – sometimes a mature woman, sometimes a little girl. I’ve learned to find a balance. And however it sounds – I love myself with boundless love. I am my own best friend. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I can’t wait to discover what else I can learn about myself.

After the release of the second part of the movie, you tried to change your image. We could see a different version of Amy with long blonde hair. It was hard to recognize you.

I need these changes. I am a zodiacal Twin, so I am a female chameleon. I think that I will surprise you more than once, because not only do I like changes, but I am not afraid of them. People often prefer to stay in ‘the old, even uncomfortable slippers’, because they are afraid that ‘the new high heels’ may hurt. I’m not afraid to throw off my old slippers and jump into the high heels. Anyway, I believe that nothing is permanent in life, which the pandemic has shown us brilliantly.

Anna Maria Sieklucka interview

In the photos I’ve noticed that sometimes you have blue eyes and another time – brown eyes. Do you wear contact lenses?

No, I don’t wear contact lenses. It’s interesting, because a lot of people have pointed it out to me and I’m wondering what it is all about. I have grayish-blue eyes that change the color’s intensity depending on the light. I can look different in each session, I think it’s also a matter of make-up, hairstyle or again it’s about my Twin nature… (laughs)

Let me look you in your eyes today. Hmm… it’s really hard to tell the colour.

I believe that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and maybe the colour reflects what mood I’m in?

Do you consider yourself a controversial person?

I consider myself a down-to-earth woman. Am I controversial? I don’t think I’m doing anything controversial, unless it’s controversial for someone to act in erotica. But I’m not going to apologize for being an actress. And in my private life, which is calm and stable, I would like to protect my privacy.

You don’t share your private life. You don’t show how you live, whom with, or how you cook. You haven’t crossed that line. However, haven’t you felt tempted to do so, since most people are happy to share it with their fans?

I once said to myself that my personal life – I mean my relationships, remains private. And I’m very careful to keep it that way up to this day. I don’t need to know who’s doing what in the bedroom, and I don’t think others need to know about me either. It’s enough that some people still think that I’m Laura from „365 days” (laughs). I care about balance in life. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind and I will want to show up with my partner, then I’ll just do it. As I said, the only thing that is certain in life is change (laughs).

In one of your posts you wrote that you are unbreakable.

Probably many things will break me privately in life, but I look at everything from a different perspective. Then, two years ago, when we met, I was in a different place in my life. I was a good girl, defined by my upbringing, stereotypes, fear of leaning out, because it is not proper to say or do certain things. Now, I know who I am and what I want from life. I know what potential I have, my power, and being only 30 years old, I want to live this life to the fullest. Really, there is no fear of what others think. It’s important for me to live in harmony with myself.

How much have your participation in the „365 days” movies – premieres, international popularity – affected your private life?


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    Marta Wesołowska

    Hej! Treściwy, wartościowy, a co za tym przede wszystkim szczery wywiad Anny. Myślę, że niejeden człowiek czytając ten wywiad, nie znając wcześniej bohaterki pomyśli jak bardzo uczuciową i empatyczną kobietą o wielkim sercu jest! Opowiada otwarcie o życiu, nie zapominając o innych, zawsze stara się okazać szacunek drugiej osobie. Myślę, że w tym wywiadzie najważniejsza jest jedna, bardzo zasadnicza rzecz – POKOCHAĆ WŁASNĄ/EGO SIEBIE. Wtedy życie ma sens ❤️

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      Iwona Gielecińska

      Cześć Marta! Dziękuję za ten fantastyczny komentarz. Nabieram wiatru w żagle i szykuję się do kolejnego wywiadu. Pięknie to napisałaś. Bardzo się cieszę, że tak wartościowe rzeczy wyciągnęłaś z wywiadu. Cudnie!❤️ Wpadaj częściej na Prestige Bag News 🙂

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