Anna-Maria Sieklucka. INTERVIEW

I was thrown into the deep end, and in retrospect, I really have the courage to say - "It was hard, but I made it."

Anna-Maria Sieklucka – Interview with the actress about what has changed in her life after the premiere of the three series of „365 days”. This conversation highlights her life affirmation and work on self-development. Where does she get her strength from? Why does she look at life from a different perspective now?


3 years and 3 parts of the movie „365 days” turned your life upside down. How do you evaluate this revolution in retrospect? What has changed?

I started my film debut with the main role in a Triptych. The role was not obvious, or rather clear, but stigmatizing, which I feel to this day. And although I didn’t crave these stigmata like Saint Teresa, I think that, in fact, it was a good time for me. Because I grew up with the movies. I have become a full-blooded, mature, self-aware woman who knows exactly what she wants, what her plans, dreams and goals are.

At the time of creating the first part, I was Ama, an unknown girl from Lublin, working mainly at the Gardzienice Theater or in Jelenia Góra. Because at the time the theatre played the most important role in my heart. The film „365 days” gave me a face and an appetite for a film adventure. And although I was flooded with a wave of hatred after the first part, there were lots of comments about the film being a failure, I played in the next two parts, which was in my contract anyway. It was not only an acting lesson for me, but also a solid life lesson.

At the world premiere, I saw a completely different mentality of people from the ones commenting in Poland. Suddenly, and within two days, the film was in the TOP 10 on Netflix worldwide. Each time the film was watched by 300 million people around the world. Success or failure? This experience has taught me that everything is subjective. You never know if what you’re getting is lucky or not. Do you know the story of the Chinese peasant?

No, I don’t. Tell me …

In a small Chinese village lived an old man who had only a son, a horse, and a piece of land that he cultivated. The horse was extremely valuable to the peasant, because thanks to it he could provide for himself and for his son. One day the horse disappeared. Neighbors sympathized with him that such a misfortune had befallen him. However, the man was not worried about the loss of the horse, but calmly asked: „Luck? Misfortune? Who knows?”

A week later, the animal unexpectedly returned to the villager and … brought with it a herd of other horses. The neighbors could not believe how lucky he was, because no one in the whole village had so many horses! They congratulated him wholeheartedly. The old peasant thanked them politely for their kind words, then asked, „How can you be so sure that what happened was luck?” The neighbors thought the old man was a freak. Once, a farmer’s son decided to tame one of the new horses. Unfortunately, he fell off the animal’s back and broke his leg. The neighbors again expressed their sympathy to the man, and he only asked calmly: „Luck? Misfortune? Who knows?”

The days passed and the country was plunged into war. Soldiers entered the Chinese village, recruiting young men. They took all the young men, except for one, the peasant’s son, who was lying in bed with a broken leg. None of the youths enlisted in the fighting survived, the families were plunged into mourning, and the peasant only asked: „Luck? Misfortune? Who knows?” You never know how what happens to you today will affect your life. It is worth taking calmly what life brings, both good and bad. I guess that’s what luck is about.

You mentioned in one of your interviews that you have been on the path of spiritual development for over a year? What are you looking for?

I think that development accompanies us every day, if we only want to know and feel more. I’ve reached a point in my life where everyone should do some work on themselves. For years I have been interested in system settings in the Bert Hellinger. I delve into what growing up looks like, what impact our childhood has on our adult life, what we have inherited from our parents, and our grandparents, how family stories shape people. Currently, I have started the School of New Consciousness at the Anna Choińska Institute.

This extremely sensitive woman with 20 years of experience teaches me the Hellinger method from scratch. I have great confidence in her, Anna used to be Bert’s right hand and translated his books into Polish. She was step by step with the master. My mother has inspired me with the settings. I remember when I took part in the setting together with my mother and I couldn’t get over how it is possible that the hosts – not knowing me and my story – tell me what my life looks like during the set-up and they are flawless in it. In addition, by breaking down the problem into prime factors, they help to find a solution. I think it was then that the awareness of the uniqueness of this method was born in me.

I quickly realized how much you can help others thanks to it. I dream to open a foundation for women in the future. I would like to gain full experience acquired at the school together with other qualified specialists, and help women and restore their self-confidence, faith in their potential, power and strength.

OK, but what do you need? What are you missing that has made you choose this path of development?

Each of us is a human being to some degree. We all have some shortfalls, failures, missed lessons, setbacks and wrong decisions. I want to ‘unpack’ myself, to find out why certain behaviors in my life have occurred in a certain way. I believe that working on yourself takes courage. Thanks to various development workshops and work with therapist I was able to see patterns in myself that I had already worked through, thanks to which I also know what to pay attention to in others. This experience is extremely valuable in order to be able to continue helping others.

What will the foundation that you’ve mentioned exactly do?

I would like to create such a feminine base, a safe place. Women for women who support each other a lot. When women work together for a common purpose, they can create amazing things. With my nearly 5-million reach on social media, I know that I have the causative power to get across to a large group of recipients with my initiative, also outside of Poland.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka – interview

You affirm life. What does it mean?

Carpe Diem. I seize each day as fully as I can. I’ve learned to live in the present, enjoy the moment, be here and now. I don’t like wasting time. I am extremely lively; I am full of energy everywhere I go. I am a zodiac twin, so I have two natures. Sometimes I really need my peace – I am like a clear mirror of water, and other times I need some amazing fire in my life. Somewhere my nature is intertwined. I think once ‘the machine’ starts, I’m unstoppable. I love it because I know there’s always something going on in my life. But I can also say: stop and rest.

Do you have the feeling that people find it hard to recognize who you really are, because they constantly judge you by the role of Laura in the movie „365 days”? What would you like to tell others about yourself?

That I’m a good, decent person. Because that’s the only thing that really matters in life. I realize that I’m a multifaceted enigma, but I’ve started to deal well with people’s opinions. I don’t care what people say. Because they will always say something. I can assess where ill considered, sometimes hurtful opinions may come from, whether they are mine or of others. What would people know about me? I will show it cyclically, especially through my Instagram, I have new theatrical roles ahead of me, and I also hope film roles.

Are you at this stage in your life where you want to prove something to someone?

If I want to prove something, it’s only to myself. I dream of playing in some horror or a thriller, for example in the role of an FBI agent, a full-blooded woman who does not let go. I would like to show up from a different perspective acting scene. In the movie „365 Days” I was thrown into the deep end, and in retrospect, I really have the courage to say that it was difficult. Yes, mentally and physically difficult for me as a woman. To be honest, I don’t know which actress, who is just starting her adventure within the film, would take it. It was a good school of life and acting. An actor is like a sponge – he absorbs everything. The more she or he absorbs, the more it gives out. As a young girl, I was not aware of the rules of film production, show business, and how these mechanisms work. I had to know where to draw my boundaries. As an actress, but also as a woman. No one showed it to me, no one suggested it to me.

You keep going. Where have you found this strength?


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      Cześć Marta! Dziękuję za ten fantastyczny komentarz. Nabieram wiatru w żagle i szykuję się do kolejnego wywiadu. Pięknie to napisałaś. Bardzo się cieszę, że tak wartościowe rzeczy wyciągnęłaś z wywiadu. Cudnie!❤️ Wpadaj częściej na Prestige Bag News 🙂

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