Anna-Maria Sieklucka. INTERVIEW

I was thrown into the deep end, and in retrospect, I really have the courage to say - "It was hard, but I made it."

I guess in the life of every person there comes a moment that makes us stop, look around and look at the people who surround us, look inside ourselves and into the eyes of people we thought were close. These are difficult moments, but I like them in my life because they strip away illusions and show the naked truth. They are a selection of people around – then it turns out who was with us because they had an interest in it, who was there because they wanted to illuminate themselves with our glow, and who was really there for us. Last year showed me a lot and I already know how to recognize certain behaviors, which schemes, situations, contacts I don’t want to engage in at all anymore, because I simply don’t have time for them. I have had a lot of support from my family right from the start. Family is my foundation, anchor, lifebuoy that I can always reach for. And it’s amazing that I have such a family. And I will always repeat it – family is the greatest value for me.

Do you mean by that the support based on a conversation?

Conversations, behaviors, cordiality that we have towards each other. We support each other in mutual choices, we enjoy successes, we talk about failures, we laugh out loud at funny situations. I have two elder brothers and it’s great that we have become more mature in these brother-sister relationships. I love our family gatherings. I am the only one who leaves them, my family lives in Lublin, I live in Warsaw. This type of meeting is for me a moment of respite and recharging my batteries.

Is it true that you got to your brother’s birthday by helicopter?

It wasn’t a birthday. I had the pleasure of flying in a helicopter to my brother’s wedding.

I would say like in a fairy tale.

If you have an opportunity in your life to experience something, why not to take it? I’m glad that Enyo agency, which I work for, gave me so much fun. That time coincided with a popular festival in Poland called „Opener”, I was supposed to be there for the first time in my life and ironically, I didn’t make it, none of us did (laughs). The entire facility was evacuated, there was an atmospheric discharge that I have never experienced in my life. The sky was green with rain and lightning. It was like watching the Northern Lights but with the thrill of a horror movie. This helicopter was such a nice gift from fate!

Was your 30th birthday some turning point in your life? What’s changed?

I think that only when I become a mother and start a family, which is my big dream, will I be able to talk about it in retrospect, what has changed in my life. I don’t want to specify my age. I believe we are as old as we feel. And it is worth taking care of your physical and mental condition at any age. Recently, I’ve returned to training under the guidance of coach Gosia Gałkowska and I can see how much pleasure it gives me. Physical effort allows you to refresh your head, take a breath.

However, we often forget about it and we are constantly chasing something in this life of ours.

I’ve noticed that adults love to create problems where they don’t exist. We get excited with our own thoughts or what we hear. And it’s really worth saying to yourself: enough, calm down, let go. Drink a good coffee, eat something delicious, hug your loved-ones, smile at yourself and start living!

Anna Maria Sieklucka interview

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    Marta Wesołowska

    Hej! Treściwy, wartościowy, a co za tym przede wszystkim szczery wywiad Anny. Myślę, że niejeden człowiek czytając ten wywiad, nie znając wcześniej bohaterki pomyśli jak bardzo uczuciową i empatyczną kobietą o wielkim sercu jest! Opowiada otwarcie o życiu, nie zapominając o innych, zawsze stara się okazać szacunek drugiej osobie. Myślę, że w tym wywiadzie najważniejsza jest jedna, bardzo zasadnicza rzecz – POKOCHAĆ WŁASNĄ/EGO SIEBIE. Wtedy życie ma sens ❤️

    • 2
      Iwona Gielecińska

      Cześć Marta! Dziękuję za ten fantastyczny komentarz. Nabieram wiatru w żagle i szykuję się do kolejnego wywiadu. Pięknie to napisałaś. Bardzo się cieszę, że tak wartościowe rzeczy wyciągnęłaś z wywiadu. Cudnie!❤️ Wpadaj częściej na Prestige Bag News 🙂

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