Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Interview

„I crave challenges contrarily to my appearance”

Anna Maria Sieklucka wywiad

In a way, yes, but I think every novice actress is facing it. I am a bit afraid of such a pigeonhole. I would not like people to identify me only with the role of Laura. I hope that there will be people who can see the potential and go beyond the scheme. I dream of completely different job offers.

Grażyna Szapołowska said „without eroticism cinema does not exist, it is tasteless.” Do you agree with this?

I would say that cinema does not exist without sensuality. The viewer craves for all kinds of images, while eroticism, depending on how it is shown, can be relish. In my opinion, in general, eroticism is still a taboo subject, something passe. With an erotic scene, it happens that viewers close their eyes or switch to the next scene. I remember being at the cinema on the film „Nymphomaniac”, which strongly broke the limits of intimacy. People watching it were intimidated or even disgusted. They did not know how to behave in such a situation, especially when a complete stranger sat next to them. Of course, everyone has their limit of taste, nevertheless, it is nice to break stereotypes, to look from a different perspective.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview Prestige Bag News
Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview Iwona Gielecińska
Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna-Maria Sieklucka – interview

You often talked about the cool flow on the set between you and Michele. What character traits makes a person trustworthy for you?

Honesty and openness. It may be a gift, but I have great intuition for people. At the final casting, where there was only me and one more actress, it was immediately obvious that Michele really wants to meet me. Me – Ama. Find out who he will play casting scenes with. It was a normal conversation to find out how my day was, what I’d experienced recently. We didn’t talk about the script at all. Michele captivated me from the first minutes of the meeting with his sensitivity. I immediately felt some amazing flame that flows straight from his heart.

Was chemistry between the actors a condition?

Here, the chemistry between the characters and the best enactment of the script’s characters decided. On the other hand, honesty and openness between actors, film and theater partners is very important. If they do not catch the thread of understanding, like two human beings, then everything will be artificial. The viewer will quickly notice that good fluids are not flowing. With Michele we had a quick course of knowledge, which meant that this openness between us was even greater. When there were moments of breakdown from fatigue due to long work on the set, we laughed at prosaic things. We gave each other good energy.

The viewers also noticed your flow with Magdalena Lamparska. You organize joint female live events on Instagram.

Yes, we came up with „Women Between Us” live, because Magda has similar assumptions about care of her independence and femininity. I know that many of our female observers, in a sense, draw inspiration from us, crave our opinions on various feminine subjects. We discuss, we share our experiences. We are women, like any other, and the fact that we have decided to pursue such a profession does not mean that we are superior to anyone.

Is this already friendship or is it too big a word?

I attach great importance to words. I think we are on the right track to bring friendship. I would say that we are very good friends. For sure, Magda has everything that captivates me in people – honesty and openness. She is a woman who absolutely does not pretend to be anything, keeps her feet firmly on the ground. Immediate agreement and frankness of relations arose between us.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview Prestige Bag News
Anna-Maria Sieklucka – interview

You have graduated from high school, than a good college. Have you always been exemplary? Haven’t you ever rebelled?

Of course, I had a period of rebellion. From junior high school, when I pierced my tongue, and I thought it was so cool. Then in high school, during classes at the Osterwa Theater, one of the great actresses of an older date diplomatically made me understand that it had to be pulled out. An actor should have a nice, impeccable diction.

Sounds like a gentle rebellion.

I gave my parents a lot of challenges. I was a defiant teenager. In high school, I would leave home and not return for the night, I would turn off the phone. The whole family was worried about me. I went to truancy and I had a lot of absences. My mother sometimes grabbed her head and said – Anna-Maria, will something surprise me today at the parent-teacher conference? Then I focused on subjects that interested me, and the rest – revel my soul. It even came to the fact that I could not pass from high school to high school. Then the red lamp came on that I had to embrace.

Are you an only child?

I have two older brothers. As the youngest I was always the apple of my father’s eye. I have always rebelled because my brothers could have done more than me.

Were you under supervision?


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