Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Interview

„I crave challenges contrarily to my appearance”

Anna Maria Sieklucka wywiad

By all means, especially during this period of rebellion. Everyone could come back at midnight, but I had to be home at 10pm. That’s why I rebelled so much at that time. To this day, however, I thank my parents very much for this rigor. Thanks to this, I didn’t miss my leg and didn’t fall into bad company, because then my life could have been completely different. It is known that a young person thinks completely in other categories. Rationalism becomes ignored.

As a lawyer your Dad didn’t dream of a different career for his daughter.

Paradoxically, my dad once wanted to be an actor. He dreamed of the stage, but rationality won him. He plays his part in another theater, in the courtroom. Perhaps at first, he would like to see me as a lawyer, but when he saw how stubborn I was, how much artistic soul I have, he supported me one hundred percent. I always say, family is my greatest value. My parents and brothers have always given me faith that it is worth following my dreams. And here in life it comes to finding yourself and be happy with your choices.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka
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Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna-Maria Sieklucka – interview

I know you like bold colors. Black and red.

When I put on something red, I feel the strength. It works! When I put on black, I know that I will find myself in every situation. I identify myself as being a universal person, adapted to the situation.

You are such a mix.

Explosive, I’m a zodiac twin. I have two natures, like fire and water. Once I am a total harridan, and once I feel like a little girl, sometimes lost and very sensitive. I can be humble and rebellious.

Even before the pandemic, you starred in the show, the crime series „Clay from Another Clay.” Is there a need for this type of art?

By all means, there was a lot of interest. People crave detective stories and new theater scenes. I play Rose, the woman of the main character, Commissioner Maciejewski. As a nurse, the former morphine worker, she is one of the main suspects in the theft of morphine.

Will there be a continuation?

Yes, I hope there will be more parts. The performance was based on the crime novels of Marcin Wroński, the famous Lublin writer. I really recommend, pull in. In turn, Łukasz Witt-Michałowski came up with the idea of ​​producing mini theater episodes with the main theme of the famous commissioner, but with some separate story of the episodes. Every episode is concerned with something different; it is shown in completely different settings. Particularly interesting was the scene number two, where the actors played in the underground of the Culture Center in Lublin.

Do you feel that you are making good use of your chance?

I think so. As far as I can do it today. I would always like to remain open to others, let them know that I am a normal person, and the fact that I played the main role in the film does not change anything at all. In my opinion, the most important thing is to cultivate what we have in our head and heart. Because today I have become a recognizable person, and tomorrow everything can change.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka – interview

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