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„I crave challenges contrarily to my appearance”

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Anna-Maria Sieklucka – an interview with the actress about dreams, female power and the art of choice. She was to become a lawyer, but the theater hall intrigued her more than the courtroom. She danced with her own weaknesses and barriers playing the role of Laura in the movie entitled „365 days”. Is it always about going against the tide in life?


Do you feel a bit overloaded with 365 days movie questions?

Yes and no. Of course, I am very pleased with the interest in the film. Especially now when it has appeared on the international Netflix platform. The only overload I feel is comparing me, Anna-Maria Sieklucka to Laura Biel, the main heroine of the film. I often get private messages on Instagram in which fans call me Laura. They strongly identify me with the heroine’s story, and we are completely different. On the other hand, I’ve already gained some distance and I look at it with a grain of salt.

Have you dreamed about such a scale of popularity?

I am very humble about this. Looking back, I thank my lucky stars that sitting around on castings was effective and I was noticed. I remember that my late grandmother, like a prophet, predicted that I would be famous and someone would love me. She said: you’ll see granddaughter you’ll be on people’s languages. There will be those who will cheer you on. She believed that I would succeed.

What did she notice about you?

She has always seen in me as great sensitivity, boldness and an artistic soul. Even when I was taking exams of all subjects for my high school A-levels, to get to the Faculty of Law, she encouraged me to make my dreams come true. Preparing for theater school exams is very difficult. Mentally exhausting because you are still judged by others. During the exam you hear that you are in a specific type, e.g. Warsaw, Wroclaw. I was agitated by this approach. If people don’t buy me as I am, maybe I won’t be able to become an actress.

Do you always go against the tide?

Yes, I do not want to comply with the general rules. I was able to get it the third time.

However, if you became a lawyer, you would have to adapt.

Yes, you can only see the courtroom is a stage. In a sense, the lawyer also plays his part. Interprets the law to defend the person who appeals to him.

Is acting a search for the truth about yourself?

By all means, it is discovering and transcending yourself. It develops character enormously, and I still need new challenges. I am a job titan; I like to set the bar higher and higher.

What new did you learn about yourself during your last 365 days?

I strengthened myself in the belief that I am a person who keeps her feet on the ground. It is very difficult to break me. We know how everyone experiences moments of weakness, but if we really want something, everything is possible.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna-Maria Sieklucka interview
Anna_Maria Sieklucka
Anna-Maria Sieklucka – interview

Actors often say that it takes them some time to get out of a though role and return to everyday life. Was it like that after Laura’s part?

Regarding the character I played – I went into this story and cut it off with a thick stick. I went out automatically, snap. I always try to work in such a way that in my private life I do not go back to what happened in the course of building a character. I care about my psychological comfort. In my opinion, an actor should never draw inspiration from their private life in building a role. It’s fun to build it by imagining certain things or entering new situations giving yourself a challenge.

Your challenge was very serious right away.

With this role I gave myself the challenge of overcoming shame. And this is a paradox. I once told myself that I’d never want to undress in my life, be it in a theater or on a movie set. On the other hand, it is worth overcoming your own barriers. Like every woman, I have complexes, but I try to build myself as a conscious woman, I want to applaud my complexes and make them my assets.

However, something has changed.

Certainly, I began to strengthen myself in my femininity. That’s how my parents and nature created me, so why should I be ashamed? The more I will cultivate my naturalness and take strength from it. Now, entering this world, being more recognizable, I would like to show women, even urge them to cultivate their naturalness in everyday life, too. They should not adapt to stereotypes; they should not be afraid of their individuality. The size of clothes does not matter, only that what we have in our heads and in our hearts.

How much could you sacrifice for art? Once I talked to actress Marta Ścisłowicz, who for the idea of ​​the performance undressed more than 47 times.

It all depends on what kind of art it would be. If there was a deeper message behind the role, yes. I would do a lot. However, I dream that people do not judge us actresses only by appearance and appearance. On the principle – you played this role; we’ll give you a similar one. I would prefer that people look deeper and see other qualities.

Do you experience the industry’s stereotypical thinking?


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